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30th November 2023 Helpful hints & advice

10 Tips for moving over Christmas

Moving house during the Christmas season comes with its own set of challenges, but it's certainly manageable with careful planning and organization. we have put together some tips for a smooth feastive house move.

  1. Make a Clear Timeline:
    • Plan and organize well in advance. Keep communication open with your estate agent, conveyancer, and removals company.
    • Create detailed task lists to stay organized and ready for each step in the process.
  2.  Start Your Christmas Shopping Early:
    • Begin your Christmas shopping early to avoid added stress. Make a list, buy gifts in advance, and consider wrapping and distributing them before packing.
    • If moving during the week of Christmas, also do your Christmas food shopping early, and order online for delivery to your new home.
  3.  Organize Your Packing:
    • Don't leave packing to the last minute. Start organizing a week before your official moving date.
    • Dismantle large furniture in advance, declutter, and keep Christmas decorations aside to pack last.
  4.  Book a Removal Company:
    • Hire a removal company to assist with the move, especially during the potentially hazardous winter weather.
    • Compare removal quotes early and stay in contact with the chosen company to address any potential issues.
  5.  Prepare for Bad Weather:
    • Check weather forecasts and plan ahead for potential weather-related issues.
    • Obtain grit, salt, and snow shovels to ensure safe access for removal vans. Keep torches and warm clothes handy.
  6.  Make a Plan for Children and Pets:
    • Arrange childcare for children on the day of the move to ensure a safer environment.
    • Consider care for pets, as moving can be stressful for them. Arrange for trusted friends, family, or local facilities to care for them.
  7.  Protect Your Valuables:
    • Safeguard valuables by locking them up securely before packing.
    • Utilize additional services offered by the removal company for packing or supply high-quality materials if packing yourself.
  8.  Contact Your Utility Providers and Pay Bills:
    1. Inform utility providers of your move and provide them with your new address.
    2. Take meter readings, pay bills, and ensure you have essential services in place at your new home.
  9.  Check Your Car the Night Before Moving:
    • Check your car for fuel, and stock up on de-icer for a smoother morning.
    • If using public transport, confirm the schedule and ensure your tickets are valid.
  10. Inform People of Your Change of Address:
    • Notify relevant parties about your change of address, including doctors, dentists, and the Post Office for mail redirection.

Remember, many removal companies operate during the Christmas season, but they may have reduced staff and limited availability. Booking early and staying organized will help ensure a successful Christmas house move.

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