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3rd January 2024 Helpful hints & advice

5 kitchen trends for 2024

Considering a kitchen renovation? We're here to help with some kitchen trends insights from the experts at popular kitchen brands. From kitchen colours to popular materials and innovative design ideas, these are the key innovations in kitchen design to look out for in 2024. 

Green and Blue Kitchens: In 2024, the kitchen colour palette is witnessing a departure from conventional whites and greys. The trend leans towards bold choices, with muted blues and greens taking centre stage, often with a desirable matt finish. Homeowners are embracing darker, earthy tones, showcasing a shift towards more adventurous colour selections in kitchen design.

Statement Accessories: The dynamics of kitchen usage have evolved, especially since the pandemic. With more time spent in kitchens, people now seek spaces that are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. This has given rise to the increase of statement kitchen accessories. Items like unique lighting fixtures, art pieces, or eye-catching splashbacks that are becoming integral to transforming the ambiance of the kitchen.

Smart Storage Solutions: As the trend of spending more time in the kitchen continues, effective and accessible storage solutions have become even more important. Homeowners are creatively addressing food storage challenges by incorporating pantry cabinets and introducing organizational tools such as racks, baskets, dividers, under-shelf drawers, and wheeled storage caddies. These solutions aim to maintain an organized and easily accessible kitchen space.

Fluted and ribbed Cabinetry: The introduction of fluted and ribbed textures in cabinetry is a prominent trend, bringing a sense of depth and design into kitchens. This versatile trend includes slatted wall panels and textured designs on doors and cabinets. Beyond aesthetics, some of these textured panels are designed to have acoustic properties, contributing to noise reduction and enhancing the overall functionality of the kitchen.

Sustainability Focus: In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, sustainable materials are gaining prominence in kitchen design. The use of ethical, sustainable, and carbon-neutral goods is encouraged, with a particular emphasis on FSC-certified wood or plywood for new installations. Homeowners are also exploring the integration of reclaimed and salvaged pieces, providing an eco-friendly touch and adding character to their kitchen spaces. This trend aligns with a broader commitment to reducing environmental impact in kitchen upgrades. Before you do anything, decide whether you need to replace your whole kitchen or could simply refresh your kitchen cabinet fronts, or change your kitchen island? You might also want to think about a second-hand or ex-display kitchen.

Sourced from Which

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