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Buying a Home – 7 Tips to get a cheaper price

The asking price sellers are advertising their properties for has jumped 0.4% over the last month, according to Rightmove data.

However, the property portal also reports that the proportion of sellers lowering their costs is now at its highest level since January 2011.

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How to sell for Christmas

Selling your house in time for Christmas can be a rewarding but challenging endeavor. To increase your chances of a quick sale, consider these expert tips:

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Why winter is a good time to sell

Selling a home during the winter months can indeed have its advantages. Here are some reasons why winter can be a good time to sell your home:

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What does a surveyor do on a property visit?

A surveyor plays a crucial role in the property buying process by conducting inspections to assess the condition and value of a property. Here's a breakdown of what a surveyor typically does during a property visit and what buyers can expect:

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Buyers return to the market!

The housing market in the UK is experiencing a resurgence in buyer confidence, thanks to a pause in bank rate increases and a drop in inflation.

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10 most in-demand features for buyers and renters

If you’ve been thinking of moving, chances are you’ve already thought about all of the things you’d want your home to have, to make sure it works for you.

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Deciding if moving to a new area is right for you

Tempted to move to a totally new area? Well, there’s lots to consider when thinking about moving home, but even more so if you’re looking to take the plunge and discover a new area.  

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Buying or remortgaging? Here’s how to get the cheapest mortgage deal

Fixed rates may be falling slightly, but mortgage prices remain high for anyone buying a property or remortgaging. Here’s what you need to do if you want to ensure you get the best deal possible when you take out your new mortgage.

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How to add value to your home in 2023

One of the housing trends that emerged during the pandemic was the 'race for space' which saw many UK homeowners re-examine their housing needs under lockdown conditions and move to larger properties, usually with access to greater outside space.

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Renting is cheaper than buying a home for the first time in 13 years

Higher mortgage rates mean that renting has become cheaper than buying a home for the first time since 2010

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