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Top Tips: How to make your home more valuable and sell faster

Preparing your home for viewers, or “staging” as it’s called, is important. It will not only ensure your property is sold faster, but can potentially add thousands of pounds to its value

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What property tax changes are predicted for the upcoming year?

As COVID-19 has left a significant toll on public finances, many predict a range of property tax changes will be announced in 2021. How could this impact buy-to-let landlords and investors?

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How to be a good landlord

Being a good landlord requires time, effort and money, but it’s worth it to find and keep good tenants for longer who will help to pay your mortgage and put money in your pocket.

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What's the property forecast for 2021?

The property market has experienced a mini boom in 2020, and the big question many of you want answered is: will prices continue to rise in 2021?

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As the Stamp Duty deadline continues to draw closer, buyers and sellers are advised to act quickly and the race is on to complete on property sales and purchases before it's too late. It may seem unusual to some to sell a house over the festive period, however, the property market is very much still active at this time of the year

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Nine money-saving tips when you’re moving home

Moving home is exciting. It’s also hard work – and sometimes we end up spending a little more than we hoped to. Some expenses are necessary and can’t be avoided: agent fees, deposits, mortgage fees, stamp duty, and so on. But there are plenty of things you can do to save you money as you’re moving home. We’ve listed nine easy and effective tips that’ll help cut down your costs – and leave a little more in the piggy bank for the decorating!

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Covid-19 has changed what Britons value about their homes

The pandemic and lockdown process has made more people appreciate having a study and question the practicality of open plan living, latest research reveals. The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown are impacting on how many of us feel about our homes, according to our latest research.

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A guide to downsizing (or 'right-sizing')

The thought of downsizing can be a little emotional and overwhelming, especially if you have lived in a property for many years. Attempting to sort through and, in some cases, throw out, your belongings can seem like an endless task. However, with some planning and consideration about what you need, you will find that downsizing or ‘right-sizing’ can be a positive experience that sets you up for the future and fits your lifestyle. That’s why we have put together our top tips to help you downsize smoothly.

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House price growth close to three-year high


The housing market is tipped to have its busiest Christmas for more than a decade, as buyers rush to beat the stamp duty holiday deadline, according to Zoopla’s House Price Index.

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How to decide what offer to make on a property

You’ve found your dream home, but how much should you pay for it? Deciding what offer to make on a property can be tricky.

If you pitch your offer too low, you may miss out on the property. But if you make it too high, you could be left wondering if you got the best deal possible.

We look at the different factors to weigh up when calculating your offer - and how our tools can help you.

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