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3rd January 2024 Helpful hints & advice

House hunting in 2024

After a frenetic post-pandemic period, the housing market is showing signs of continuing to normalise in 2024. Predictions suggest a 1% decrease in average new seller asking prices by the end of the year, impacting both buyers and sellers. In this evolving environment, it is crucial to avoid common house-hunting mistakes for a smoother homeownership journey.

Neglecting Long-Term Resale Value Assessment: Understanding market trends, including interest rates, economic conditions, and buyer preferences, is essential. Anticipating potential shifts in demand based on factors like the number of bedrooms, features such as gardens and parking, and location can help in making the right decisions about pricing and marketability.

Overlooking Hidden Costs, Including Maintenance Fees: Regular maintenance needs like painting, roofing, plumbing, and appliance repairs can add up over time. Establishing a dedicated home maintenance fund is advised to manage unexpected expenses, preventing financial strain. Setting aside a portion of monthly income can contribute to covering maintenance costs and unexpected repairs.

Relying Solely on Online Photos Without Physical Visits: Despite competition and the need for speed in real estate transactions, it is crucial to visit the property in person. This is a significant financial decision, and personal assessments are necessary to avoid potential future disappointments that might arise from relying solely on online photos.

Ignoring Neighbourhood's Future Development Plans: Thoroughly investigating future development plans in the area is recommended. Being aware of potential changes can help anticipate their impact on property prices, resale potential, and overall living satisfaction. Unforeseen developments might obstruct views or introduce disruptions like new bus stops or flight paths.

Failing to Explore Financing Options and Obtain Pre-Approval: Securing pre-approval for a mortgage provides a clear understanding of borrowing capacity. This enables setting realistic budget expectations, preventing the risk of falling in love with a property beyond one's financial means. Avoiding future lending problems is crucial, especially for first-time homebuyers.

Skipping Thorough Home Inspections and Structural Surveys: Conducting a comprehensive examination of the home's foundation, plumbing, and electrical systems during inspections is vital. Obtaining a full structural survey report helps identify hidden defects that could impact property values and insurance coverage. Neglecting these steps may lead to financial and emotional disaster in the long run.

In conclusion, while the pathway to homeownership may present challenges and hidden costs, maintaining optimism and adopting a well-informed approach can lead to rewarding outcomes. Careful planning, continuous learning, and collaboration with professionals can help prospective homeowners navigate the buying process successfully and enjoy the benefits of owning a home. We are always happy to chat though plans with you and help you get on the move.

Sourced from the property reporter

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