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How to Make a Contemporary Living Room Feel Cosy

Posted on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Embrace the change in season by upping the snug factor. The angular lines and sleek surfaces that are the hallmarks of contemporary rooms are undoubtedly stylish, but they can lack the cosy appeal of more traditionally styled spaces. In the winter months, most of us spend more time indoors, so check out these ways to make the idea of an evening at home with your feet up on the sofa even more appealing.

How to Make a Contemporary Living Room Feel Cosy

Expose some brick
Neatly plastered white walls are a contemporary design staple, but see how cosy this seating area looks with its one exposed brick wall.

The rough, textural feel of the masonry provides a welcome contrast to the adjacent plastered walls and crisp furniture in the rest of the room.

If brick isn’t an option in your home, a wood-panelled wall will achieve a similar tactile feel.

Soften with velvet
Expansive glazing is great on a sparkling sunny day, but as the evenings draw in, it can feel a little cold. What’s needed is some soft texture. A plush, velvet sofa like this one makes the space instantly more inviting.

If you don’t want to invest in a new sofa, soften up an existing one with throws and cushions.


Paper a wall
The designers of this living room have used wallpaper to add a cosy feel to the modern space. By choosing two different but toning designs, they’ve added interest while ensuring the patterns don’t overwhelm the room.

Choose clean-lined furniture and lighting to keep the look contemporary and uncluttered.


Get the light right
Good lighting is key to creating the right atmosphere. Use wall lights, spots, pendants and lamps for a layered effect that’s warm and inviting – and don’t forget to fit dimmer switches where possible.

This room combines different types of lighting in different positions, from ceiling spots to a cluster of pendant lights, a floor lamp, and an LED strip beneath the wall cupboards to create a soft glow lower down.


Team with timber
Wood adds natural warmth to a space, whether it’s thanks to furniture, fittings, or even just a neat pile of decorative sawn logs near the fireplace.

The timber elements in this room provide a cosy contrast to the clean lines, plain walls and glossy modern storage furniture.


Fire up
You can’t beat a fire for giving a snug feel to a room, and you don’t have to have a traditional mantelpiece to make it work in your contemporary living room. There are many clean-lined designs on the market, including letterbox-style fireplaces and wood-burning stoves like this one.

If your home doesn’t already have a fireplace, you might need to hire a professional to install a flue. Alternatively, consider a bioethanol fire, which doesn’t need a flue and is relatively easy to install.


Treat your toes
Hard flooring, from wood to polished concrete, is a popular and practical choice in a contemporary living room, but it can feel a bit unforgiving underfoot. So why not warm things up with a luxurious rug?

Choose a large one with a texture that’s a delight for toes. Viscose, silk and wool are pleasingly soft, or try a sink-into faux fur number.

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Source: Houzz