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Six garden improvements which could add over £86k to you property

Posted on Monday, August 2, 2021

With a surge in homebuyers looking to get closer to nature, gardens have become a hot property selling point. We’ll highlights six outdoor improvements which will boost your home’s value.

Six garden improvements which could add over £86k to you property

This year it’s going to be more important than ever to have space that can be used to enjoy the outdoors.

Here in the UK, as lockdown restrictions are easing, having space outside where homeowners can entertain is going to be in high demand over the coming months.

As a result, the nation’s back gardens could be in for a heavy makeover this year, so we’ve dug out some tips for you to give you a guide in what you should be looking to add to your garden this year.


This will not only keep your back garden on-trend, but will also add value to your home in the process,

One: Deck it out

Value increase = 10% (£25,000 for the average property)

There has been a spike in demand for decking recently. This has had an impact on what new buyers are willing to pay for a home with decking already installed.

In fact, having decking already in your back garden can raise the value of your home by around 10%.

Two: A lick of paint

Value increase = 5% (£12.5k)

A new coat of paint on the exterior of your house may seem like a big job but it can be well worth it.

Experts believe it could increase to your home’s value by 5%, which translates to around £12.5k in the UK.

Three: Weatherproof exterior walls

Value increase = 3.6% (£9k) The experts at onlinemortgageavisor say although the initial outgoings are quite high, with a weatherproof coating costing around £5,000 you can expect to see your home’s value rise by approximately £9,000.


Four: Add a firepit

Value increase = 1.2% (£3k)

The fire pit may only have come into fashion over the last year or so but we predict it’ll be a well sought after garden feature this year.

The great thing about this is that, while fire pits can be expensive – especially if you add one that’s top of the range – you will more than likely regain the money you spent on it when it comes around to selling your property.

Five: A garden building

Value increase = 5% (£12.5k)*

Increasing numbers of employees working at home has seen a rise in the number of garden offices. But, equally, many people have embraced the outdoor socialising culture and installed bars. Others have created outdoor gyms.

Whatever the use, while this garden feature can seem like a big spend they also have strong investment potential. Indeed, your property’s value could increase by between 5% and 15% – so it’s hard to argue against them.

Six: Let the outside in with bi-folding doors

Value increase = 10% (£25k)

Bifolding doors can change a section of the home from being blocked off from the outdoors to an awesome flowing space where you can gain the best of both worlds.

But that’s not the only benefits you’ll receive when adding this to your home, you’ll also be improving the value of your property by around 5% to 10%.

Source: What Mortgage