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3rd January 2024 Helpful hints & advice

Tips for selling your home in the winter months

Selling your home in the winter months may feel more challenging than selling in the summer. Darker days and colder nights can impact upon viewing. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is crucial, so we’ve put together some ideas for inside and out.

Winter Garden Magic:

Despite the frosty chill, gardens remain a sought-after feature for many home buyers, holding a high position on their wish lists. Take a brief trip into the cold to tidy up the garden, by mowing the lawn or sweeping away fallen leaves, this will can show off the charm and potential of the outdoor space. Store away garden furniture, and think about adding some fairy lights to brighten up your space for those viewing later on in the day.

First impressions:

The entrance is your home's red carpet moment. A fresh coat of paint on the front door and outdoor lights can brighten up the welcome to your home. Hanging a wreath can also make a home seem more inviting. For the interior, make sure there is no clutter lying in the entrance. Coats and boots may be needed for harsher weather but don’t look good if dumped in the hallway.

Let There Be (Winter) Light:

We know first impressions matter, and lighting is your home's best storyteller. Illuminate each space with ample overall lighting to create an open and inviting atmosphere. Add a touch of drama with strategic accent lighting and sprinkle in fairy lights for a cosy ambiance. Lighting isn't just functional; it's the key to ensuring your home leaves a lasting and positive first impression on potential buyers, setting the stage for a successful sale.

Heating Love:

When potential buyers walk into a toasty warm house, it's like a winter cuddle. Turn up the heating a couple of degrees in advance. If you've got a fireplace, light the fire - During the winter, it is the perfect time to get fires and candles lit to add a lovely warm glow to living spaces. This will create a warming atmosphere for any prospective buyer who braves the dark nights and elements to come and view your property, and it is undoubtedly a welcome sight.

Make it cosy

Highlight your home's charm in winter by adding cosy touches like throws, cushions, and soft rugs. Enhance the atmosphere with candles, seasonal flowers, or festive decorations. These small adjustments will create a warm and inviting ambiance, making your home memorable and appealing to potential buyers.

Embrace the season, add those cosy touches, and let your home shine even when the days are shorter, and the nights are colder.

Sourced from aspc

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